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By Juan Ayquipa, 3 years ago

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The rise of sports OTT: how you can benefit from it

The live streaming of sports allows revenue to continue flowing for a club at a time when stadiums and arenas seldom approach their maximum capacities. Optimal for Small-market teams and established leagues alike,OTT services can generate additional income where an organization struggled previously.

OTT sport Streaming

OTT live streaming however isn’t exclusive to the industry leaders we’re so familiar with. Thanks to the staggering growth OTT streaming has seen in past years and the growth of social media, up to 82% of consumers surveyed by PwC would leave their traditional TV solutions for optimized and personalized OTT streaming platforms. The catch? Live sports.

With loyal sports fans willing to digitize alongside their favorite sport’s team , companies will move fast to capture the demand of the masses. Reliability and flexibility become the next question to consumers as the future sets its sights on OTT. 

Analytics play a big part in the business of sports OTT streaming. Compared to traditional broadcasting, an OTT platform issuer has access to a wealth of statistics and metrics about viewers. For sports organizations which are searching to grow their target audience and enrich the fan experience of their digital content, this is a key factor to look into.

New innovative features allow clubs to screen content which resonates with viewers. OTT sports broadcasters can use these features and powerful new tools to push fan engagement as they cheer for their favorite team, building fan loyalty and growing their platform simultaneously.

Real Life example: Fanatiz

Fanatiz, the vibrant pay tv equivalent sports streaming platform, concludes 2020 by hitting a set of important milestones and marking a record year in the brand’s history. Fanatiz grew its subscriber base by 120% in less than a year, ¾ of that growth coming in a three month period. Despite a three-month pause in live programming due to the global pandemic.

Customers love Fanatiz, not only because Fanatiz broadcasts South American major league soccer as well as La Liga and the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, but because Fanatiz is reliable and has a great user experience. In a study conducted by an independent research agency, 3,008 people were surveyed about Fanatiz and five of its closest competitors in the streaming space. According to its findings, Fanatiz ranks first in the Good Value attribute, an attribute recognized by 45.8% of those surveyed, and Top 3 in easy to use with 41.6% and trustworthy with 37% all thanks to its OTT solution


The demand for OTT sports content continues to rise in parallel to the countless creative solutions.  Player Q&As, fan created content, fantasy leagues,  and esports are only a couple of instances of how live OTT sport channels are evolving to provide for their clientele. Now all you need is to learn how to create your own sport ott.

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