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Customized branded apps.Create the best user experience across devices with your logo and branding.
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Video Monetization.Drive new revenues through subscriptions, sponsorships, and pay-per-view.

Branded Sports Apps and OTT Platform

Branded Sports Apps and OTT Platform

Branded Sports Apps and OTT Platform

Customizable branded OTT

Native apps with your brand in every device. UX/UI optimized for subscribers acquisition.


Available on all devices, including iPhone, Android, iPad, Roku, Android TV, AppleTV and FireTV.

Reduce the complexity of live streaming sports.

With our experienced operations team and scalable infrastructure.

Monetize your content everywhere.

Start generating revenue from day 1. Distribute your content in your branded environment and across partners OTTs.

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Fanatiz, is a vibrant pay-tv equivalent sports streaming platform. Customers love Fanatiz, not only because Fanatiz broadcasts a broad selection of live sports events like South American major league soccer as well as La Liga and the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, but because Fanatiz is reliable and has a great user experience.


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Reduce complexity and start generating revenue from day 1.

No fixed costReduce the risk of launching your own OTT.
Analytics and reportingAccess to advanced analytics.
Flexible business modelsTry freemium, subscriptions, bundles and PPV across different markets.
Customer acquisitionProven track record turning fans into subscribers.

Nunchee is part of FZ Sports

  • World-class proprietary technology
  • Truly global presence
  • One of the fastest growing OTT networks
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